From its birth, in the year 1984, until today, Recalvi has gone from being a small company of distribution of spare parts, to become an important Group specialized in the automotive sector.

With 39 centers and more than 400 employees, the entity headed by Chema Rodríguez has grown progressively, always under the principle of offering a complete service to its customers. The company has been increasing its companies until reaching a large chain that participates in a large part of the automotive sector’s businesses.

From the spare parts to the sale of vehicles and engines, through the official merchandising of important competition brands, the distribution of lubricants and tires. The Recalvi Group network covers all of Spain and Portugal, and Latin American countries such as Cuba, Panama, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador and the USA.


The beginning

It is the year 1980, and thanks to the fact of being a person known in the sector for his condition as a Rally driver, Chema Rodriguez leaves the cars to make his way in this exciting world of spare parts. The beginnings were hard, but thanks to the tenacity and work of the founder, as well as the people who worked with him, a small market share was achieved within the area. That is when it was decided to set up Recalvi S.L., was the year 1984. It was born as a company owned by Chema, who is engaged in purely commercial work, and Jorge Alfonso Cabaleiro, who takes the reins of the administrative part.

The takeoff

Little by little, Recalvi is making a name for itself in the area and increasing its client base, with the quality of the service as a basic premise. That is why it was decided to open two more stores in Vigo, in order to supply the entire city and also with the purpose of covering the entire province of Pontevedra and Orense from these three stores.

With the proper functioning of these stores it is proposed to cover the rest of the provinces of Galicia. Thus in 1994 Recalvi Coruña is created, from which this province is covered. Later, Recalvi Lugo and Recalvi Orense open.

Once covered the Galician territory, they are launched to the conquest of the annexed territories. In 1998, a store was opened in Ponferrada and León to serve the province of León,

and in 1999 one in Oviedo and Gijón, and thus be able to cover the area of ​​Asturias. Subsequently, centers are opened in Santiago, Zaragoza, Teruel, Albacete as well as in Portugal and Central America.

In all these cases the sales are directed exclusively to spare parts stores, and only within the city center of the cities. But the desire for improvement leads the Group further. In order to continue with the basic principle that governs all its actions, to give the best customer service, Recalvi has two fundamental objectives: the Specialization and the Expansion.

The Group emerges

Thus arises the Recalvi Group, composed of specialized companies, each of them within the automotive industry in different sectors. Two companies are created solely to market lubricants and tires respectively.

Recalvi Store is founded, responsible for the distribution of sports brand merchandising. To cover all of its centers, a computer company, G.R. Informática, which now supports the Group in programming and maintenance, as well as external companies from various sectors. The company Mundo Quad is also created within the world of 2 wheels, motorcycles and quads, with the Suzuki and Minelli concession. And to cover all the specialties, Recalvi Color is born, exclusive distributor for Galicia, León and Asturias of Spies Hecker and Sonne paint and accessory brands.

This is how the Recalvi Group was born, with its motto: Providing Total Service.


GRUPO RECALVI Management is aware of its commitment to society in order to obtain a correct provision of its services. For us, Corporate Social Responsibility goes beyond compliance with laws and regulations, assuming their respect and strict compliance.

The goal is to achieve and maintain outstanding results in terms of quality, safety, efficiency, sustainability and respect for the environment in the distribution and sale of spare parts and accessories for the automobile. For this, it bases its management on the ISO 9001 standard “Quality Management Systems”.

GRUPO RECALVI has an address that leads the organization, and promotes and supports the changes necessary to achieve the proposed Quality objectives. The commitment and involvement of the board with the values ​​and strategies is the main reference for all the people of the organization. The company bases and continuously adapts its Policy to the identification and satisfaction of the needs and expectations of all its stakeholders, persevering in the key competences for the sustainable development of the business and in the achievement of its strategic objectives, among which it is the provision of services with Quality, and the respect and protection of the Environment in the management of all the activities that the company has entrusted.

GRUPO RECALVI empowers the people of the Organization as the main driver of the quality of its services. To do this, it encourages its participation in the fulfillment of the proposed objectives, is sensitive to their opinion and collaboration in improving the system, and facilitates their personal and professional development through training and awareness programs in the proper development of their activities. The Code of Ethics of the company constitutes a key reference in our actions.

GRUPO RECALVI establishes the procedures to know, periodically review, keep up-to-date and comply with the legal requirements applicable to its activities, as well as the commitments that may be entered into. Based on these, it adapts its processes to the reality of the automotive sector, thus satisfying the needs of customers and the expectations of society.

Likewise, it applies all the technical and economic means available in the preservation of the Environment, and for this purpose it establishes the adequate mechanisms for control, monitoring and correction of air pollution and minimization of emissions, promotes actions aimed at reducing acoustic levels, encourages the minimization, reuse, recycling and adequate management of generated waste and promotes energy rationalization through efficiency programs in consumption. The results are evaluated and the necessary improvements are introduced to achieve success in them, always encouraging sustainable development, that is, without the actions of today compromising the quality of life of future generations.